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Finding the right merchant servicing company can be frustrating—in part because many of them sadly have just their own interests at heart. Deceptive pricing. Hidden fees. Keeping you in the dark about how things work.

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When you look at your options, only one really makes sense.

Card Concepts is the only merchant services provider that delivers on all the things you want in a business partner, from great pricing to a trusted relationship built on open and honest service. If one of our competitors is telling you they can save you more money, consult with us first...for FREE!






  • 35% Lower Pricing: Our lower overhead and low, transparent service fees make all the difference
  • Highly Responsive: We’re there right away every time, and work until any issues are resolved
  • Total Profit Protection: We help you avoid deceptive fees, fraud, and other practices that take away from profit
  • Open and Honest: We’re always upfront about our fees and how Merchant Servicing works
  • Education a Priority: We educate our customers so they understand how to minimize processing costs
  • Local, in Community: We really care about your business and building close, professional partnerships
  • Full Service Provider: With a wide range of services, we're able to deliver for each of our customer's unique needs