Credit Card Processing

Standard Desktop Equipment – Stand Alone

Whether you want to keep your current equipment or start fresh with something brand new we can help you. We work with all of the top equipment manufacturers in the industry. This option is great if you have a business where you will process credit card transactions in person and at the same location.

VeriFone VX 520

hardware_vx520'The industry’s fastest processor handles more transactions in less time for greater profits. Plus, explosive memory capability that can exceed 500MB means more revenue from value-added transactions, and preparation for things that lie ahead. Speaking of the future, no separate attachments are necessary.

FEATURES: Generates new recurring revenues from value-added applications, thanks to an extraordinary increase in memory of 160 MB standard, increasing to over 500 MB. Takes advantage of the industry’s fastest processor to handle encryption, decryption and processing at lightning speeds — moving more transactions in the same time for greater profits. Uniquely designed communication port area neatly connects cables under the device for clean countertops. Incorporates an integrated contactless reader (optional) into the sleek device. Combines an ergonomic design, small footprint and unique cable management system to optimize handover usage.

BENEFITS: Runs on the advanced VX Evolution platform — powered by the time-tested VeriFone operating system. Backward compatibility eliminates retraining for sales, support and deployment. Consistency and high usability ensure lower cost of ownership and ease of use.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Computer, high speed internet connection, Firewall.

Click here to see the VeriFone VX 520 brochure. 

Dejavoo V-Series

vseriesThe Dejavoo V-Series terminals offer a sleek design, reliability and cost effectiveness. These terminals feature Linux OS, Embedded SQL and excellent server connectivity allowing your productivity to work at its best and include a built-in loyalty program and instant push-button assistance.

FEATURES: The Dejavoo V5 and V8 models offer Ethernet and Dial options in order to ensure security as well as payment solutions including multiple applications, built-in PCI Secure PIN Pad, built-in EMV Smart Card reader, large backlit display and a la carte software options. The V8 Plus model additionally features contactless and RFID readers to enable tap and go and EMV cards to mobile phone and PDA Devices. The Dejavoo V9 model allows you to go wireless with Zigbee Technology. 

Click here for additional specifications on our V-Series.

Virtual Terminal

Card Concepts offers a secure, virtual terminal (VT) solution for processing all major credit, debit and EBT cards with fast transaction times using a pc with high speed internet connectivity. This offering also enables customers to be configured for Recurring Payments in an automated fashion. The application supports commercial card level II enhanced data, qualifying you for lower interchange costs.

The VT application offers data retrieval and management information reporting 24 hours a day. Using this solution retail, restaurant, mail order/telephone order (MOTO) and eCommerce merchants have immediate, convenient and secure access to transaction processing and can obtain critical, current and historical business information with “point and click” ease.

FEATURES: Complete browser-based transaction processing. Supports recurring billing transactions. Supports an unrestricted number of simultaneous users. Real-time reporting. Employs industry standard secure data encryption technology – 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Handles large number of transactions. Supports card swipe, PIN entry and ACH check guarantee transactions.

BENEFITS: Easy to use, cost effective interface requiring little or no disk space on PC; application upgrades are automatic. Reduces overhead by automating recurring transactions and providing service support. Increase merchant productivity. Streamlines back-office operations for transaction reporting and searches. Encryption levels safeguard customer information. Minimizes number of settlements delivering maximum uptime and increasing customer satisfaction at checkout. Increases customer satisfaction by accepting multiple forms of payment

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Computer, high speed internet connection, USB Swiper, Firewall.