shutterstock_78122467E-Commerce for Your Business

The number of on-line shoppers continues on an upward trend from year to year. The word got out that on-line shopping was convenient and cost-effective. Any business that retails to consumers needs to start building their on-line store now so that it is fully operational by the peak shopping months this year.

  • Offer your products to anyone in the world with a credit card and your customer base has no limits.
  • Take orders 24 hours a day without paying the 1-800 number costs or the employee costs for data entry.
  • Securely capture and authorize credit card orders in real time, eliminating the need for a person to enter the data and obtain authorizations. The funds are automatically deposited in your bank account.
  • Easily use the data obtained from an on-line order to build a targeted database of potential repeat customers.

shutterstock_110142197We Can Help You Sell Your Products Online

We work directly with you and your website builder to seamlessly connect your merchant account with your shopping cart on your website.

Call us today with all of your questions about processing credit cards over the internet.