Point of Sale


Make More Money with a POS System

A POS system can help you increase your profits in many ways. Quicker, more reliable checkouts mean less manpower is needed. Sales reports allow you to maximize your inventory levels and control costs. Built-in loyalty programs encourage higher ticket averages and repeat business from your customers. Integrated ecommerce services generate additional revenue from Internet sales.

Run Your Business More Efficiently

While an electronic cash register is a suitable way to track money, installing a POS system will simplify your life as well as your customers’. With a new point of sale system, you’ll streamline operations, increase checkout times, make more money, increase efficiency, keep better inventory records, and have the most robust reporting capabilities right at your fingertips. We are also able to work with your current system. Either way, the right point of sale system will pay for itself over and over again with its functionality.

Customize Your System to Fit Your Business

We can customize POS systems for various types of service-oriented businesses, from restaurants to golf courses. A software engineer will work with you to build a system that fits your particular business needs, whether your operation consists of one computer or one hundred. Customization involves the functionality of the system as well as look and feel. Features include options such as customized one-touch interfaces for the most commonly used operations, on screen data entry tools and easy discount application. Click here for more information on features of our POS systems. 

Will Your Business Benefit from a POS System?

More than likely, you can’t afford not to have a point of sale system. Our systems are designed to fit businesses of any size—from single location mom-and-pop shops to chain stores with dozens of locations. Let us help you distinguish your wants from your needs and build a POS system that meets your budget and needs now and in the future. Contact us to have one of our technology consultants visit your business to determine what POS system is right for you!