Rate Calculator

Business owners often ask us this question: “What is your rate?”

It is not quite that simple. To get straight to the point, you should actually be asking yourself this: “What is my effective rate?”

You see, what you really need to know is what your overall cost to accept credit cards is for any given month. Many business owners and managers of business are under the impression that they have one specific rate to process credit cards.

This is simply not true regardless of who your processor is.

In a nutshell you need to find out exactly how much money you paid for credit card service in a given month and then divide that by the credit/debit card sales volume you actually ran for that same month. This number is called your effective rate.

Simply use our calculator to determine your current effective rate as well as what you may potentially see in savings if you were to process credit and debit cards on our program.

**Please keep in mind that this may not take into consideration your American Express or Discover fees. It does however give you a quick reference to gauge how competitively you are priced.