Mission & Promise

Finding the right merchant servicing company can be frustrating—in part because many of them sadly have just their own interests at heart. Deceptive pricing. Hidden fees. Keeping you in the dark about how things work.

Card Concepts believes in being completely upfront and honest about pricing and service plans—no surprises, no hidden anything. Because we’re local, we care about your business and consider you part of our merchant family. So, if you need help on short notice, we’re there in minutes to get things up and running again. And, we really help you understand how merchant servicing works, so you minimize costs and avoid financial pitfalls.  That way, you build profitability, and we build a close, lasting professional partnership together. Relaxed yet?

Our Mission

To provide our valued family of merchants honest, highly responsive, personalized service, and the education they need to minimize processing-related costs and grow their profit.

Our Promise

  • To always communicate openly and honestly with you, our valued customer
  • To provide you a solution for your electronic payment needs that is customized to match the requirements of your business
  • To deliver prompt and personalized attention every time
  • To provide complete disclosure and understanding of your rates and fees
  • To provide the education you need to understand merchant servicing and keep your costs to an absolute minimum
  • To provide you the comfort of knowing you are working with a company with unwavering principles in everything we do